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New studies are here for the fall!!!

Are you ready to be a part of research?  You have probably heard about how important research is in advancing our understanding of diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, pain, heart disease, endometriosis, low testosterone for men, gastroparesis.  How can you help?  PRN of Kansas is your local research clinic.  We offer a safe and comfortable place for you to come and Be a Part of Something Big!!!  Every study we conduct is overseen by highly qualified medical staff.  

To be considered for any of our studies, your first step is to sign up for a confidential phone screening appointment.  To learn more about our studies visit our Currently Enrolling Studies page.

            We are happy to have you as part of our team, exploring tomorrow's medicines TODAY!

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Welcome to PRN!
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If you are in one of our studies currently, click here for your resource page.

Our Mission

The mission of PRN of Kansas is to provide a safe, clean environment for those who choose to participate in our clinical trials. We strive to acheive this through our dedication to professionalism, our care for our volunteers, and commitment to research for better medicine. 

We at PRN of Kansas also pride ourselves on collecting quality data for our sponsors in the most efficient and ethical way possible.

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