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Are you or your child experiencing tenderness, swelling or discharge from the ear or pain due to an ear infection?

Dr. Diane Steere is conducting a study, testing an investigational antibiotic ear drop in comparison to Ciprodex, an approved antibiotic ear drop, for infections in children and adults.  All participants will receive active antibiotic; no one will receive placebo (no active ingredient) ear drops.

You or your child may qualify to participate in this study if they are six months or older and exhibit the typical symptoms of an infected "swimmer's" ear.

Qualified participants will receive all study-related exams and investigational study drugs at no charge.  Participants will receive up to $140.00 for time and travel.

For more information and to schedule an appointment, call the study nurse, Christina Wheeler, RN, CRC at 316-838-7700.

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Our Mission

The mission of PRN of Kansas is to provide a safe, clean environment for those who choose to participate in our clinical trials. It is through our dedication to professionalism, our care for our volunteers, and commitment to research for better medicine that this is achieved. We at PRN of Kansas also pride ourselves on collecting clean data for our sponsors in the most efficient and ethical way possible.

It's no secret. For people suffering from certain medical conditions, participating in a clinical trial can be a very rewarding experience that also contributes to the advancement of medicine. If you know someone who suffers from a medical condition, refer them to us and ask them to provide your name and a way to contact you for a chance to win a prize. Limit one entry per referral. The drawing is held at the end of each month and we will contact the winner.

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